GLOBAL TECH SERVICES serves the demands for software development for government agencies and businesses in the US.

Company Overview

Global Tech Services Inc. is a New Jersey-based business entity that traces its roots to 2006. GTS has capabilities in various technologies and an understanding of many domains – that is what makes GTS unique.

Over the years, we have provided custom development services to Governments and enterprises – primarily in the US.

Technology Capability

We have teams that are proficient in .NET, Java, and LAMP technologies. We started with Java development in 2006 to create the framework for our speech technology. We took on .NET in 2012 with the development of CPSP – an extensive school management platform. Our involvement with open-source technologies started around 2006.

Technology Competency

Microsoft .NET – Full Spectrum High
C# & C# Mono Intermediate
MS SQL Database High
Oracle (9i, & 10i) Competent
Java Hibernate High
Java Struts High
Java EJB Intermediate
Java Enterprise Intermediate
My SQL High
Redhat Linux Intermediate
Joomla High
Moodle High
WordPress High
Asterisk Telephony High
Navision Competent
Core Speech Technologies High
Embedded Programming Intermediate
Mobile – Windows, iOS & Android Competent
Application Security High
Enterprise Security Competent
Accessible Applications High
Networking Competent to High
Compliance – Section 508 High
Fraud Mitigation High
Compliance – HIPAA, SEC, AML, BSA, etc Competent to High
Enterprise Collaboration High

Our Mission

Global Tech Services is keen to help all businesses who put their trust in us increase their business capabilities. We offer our expertise to help them expand their reach through powerful marketing approaches and settle on a business model that will enable them to leverage their market.

Our Vision

To see our clients grow and lead their industry. We value each of our clients and so as their success. Their growth is our own.

We will work with you every step of the way until you achieve your business ideals. Contact us today.